How are you breaking the cycle of pain?

Our modern world continues to encourage more sedentary demands that in turn create growing deficiency in our “inherent” movement requirements. We are designed by nature to move. When we fail to meet “nature’s” standards of movement quantity and quality our bodies adapt by developing movement deficiencies and toxicities. A movement deficiency (quantitative) is when we […]

Understanding Structural Basics of Your Body: Creating an ANTI-FRAGILE Body PART III

Structural Basics of Your Body Establishing a relatively improved sense of body awareness helps you to focus your attention on the next step to creating an anti-fragile body. The two most common complaints that present to our office are neck/shoulder/arm and lower back/buttock/leg pain.  These painful conditions often relate to a deficiency of mobility of […]

Creating an Anti-fragile Body

It is no secret that our modern world of convenience has led to a culture that is more sedentary and in a state of less health.   Many of us don’t notice the subtle effects of moving less until we can’t.  Some will blame getting older for the inability to execute a certain motion.  Others may […]

Another movement phrase.

In my last blog post I added the LUNGE movement pattern, another essential “letter” of the human movement alphabet.  Up to this point I have reviewed both the squat and push-up movement patterns and used the burpee (squat thrust) movement phrase as an example of blending these two “letters” of the movement alphabet. The LUNGE […]

The CLOCK Lunge: Adding to your movement alphabet.

In my last blog post I reviewed several common movement phrases that are essential to your movement vocabulary.  These movement phrases help you to achieve and sustain the body’s structural and functional integrity throughout your life. There is a collection of movement phrases that can be built from the LUNGE movement pattern.  I mentioned in […]