A Chair and You: an exercise in moving differently

In my professional life I often get asked, “What exercise is the best to strengthen the spine?”   Before I answer this question I would like you to try the following: 

Using a chair with a back (something that resembles the chair illustrated above) I would like you to first place it in a place where there is some space around the chair.  Next, explore as many different ways to relate your body to the chair. Another way of looking at this is to position your body in as many different ways that you possibly can.  Imagine that you are creating a workout program using just your body and a chair.  Have fun with this!!!

NOTE: use common sense here. The only competition here is between you and the person you see in the mirror every morning. Make sure the chair you use is stabilized and is capable of supporting your body weight.  If you don’t feel your body is capable of holding a specific position; or you begin to experience excess strain or worse yet pain, then stop immediately. The point here is to challenge without injuring yourself.  Have fun with this; be instinctive and less analytical.  There is no right or wrong way of relating to the chair.

After trying this a few times:

How many exercises did you come up with?

How many different “body” shapes did you discover?

In my next blog post I will give you some examples of body-chair relationships and review my answer to the above mentioned question: What exercise is the best to strengthen the spine? 

Until then feel free to share your experience with the chair-body relationship exercise. (email me at humoma55@gmail.com).

Enjoy this exercise!!!


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